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Love these!

I'm a huge fan of haw flakes and used to stock up on regular trips to Singapore, but lately could only find the little ones. These are big, delicious and satisfying...thanks for finding them and making them available!

Bali's Best Espresso Coffee Hard Candy

The best!!!!

Auntie k Candy

Very good. Totally satisfied.

Soon yummy

I even have people at work obsessed with all the candy I buy from here

Order Service

Was expedited to me quickly. Got everything I asked for and was pleasantly surprised with a few extra candies! I think the ginger chews weren't for me but all of the other ones I got were delish!

Dandy's Coffee Drops

Just as it's advertised, coffee in your pocket, and a very convenient carry case. Espresso flavor so good.

Candy Yum

Got the candy I ordered on time, reasonable wait, ate it in 2 days.

Bali's Best Assorted Coffee Hard Candy Jar, 2 lb 5 oz

Maui Lover

Love having these chews when out snorkeling on the boat. Thank you for the ease of ordering and the fast shipping.

Kimmie Gold Nuggets

Great candy, comes in convenient plastic tubes for easy carry and dispensing.

White Rabbit Creamy Milk Chewy Candy Rice Paper Wrapping, 6.3 oz


I love lychee and I love candy but I feel like this product didn’t really capture that lychee taste. Maybe my tastebuds are broken lol. Gave the rest to my friend and she loved them so at least they taste good, just not like lychee.

Not at all what I was hoping for

I was hoping for it to be a hard candy not more like an aspirin kind of hard powdery I was hoping more for like hard clear Candy like butterscotch kind of it just isn't the same it's not what I was hoping for at all I don't care for them and the flavor really isn't what I was hoping for tastes like powdery coffee because of the makeup of ingredients.

Marukawa Japan Bubble Gum in Various Flavor Multipacks

Cream prune candy

Well packaged and arrived quickly!

Love the variety.

Will be in the market for more soon.

Legend of Zelda Shield Candy Tin with Peppermints

Quick turn around

Fresh and delicious, quick shipping.


Always fresh
Always arrived promptly and as ordered
Free samples are fun😊

Fast Shipping, Quality Products

I ordered ~6 bags of candy, looking for a variety of textures and flavors. The descriptions on the website turned out to be very accurate. The shipping was also surprisingly fast - I think it arrived within 5 business days of my order. Would recommend for any enthusiast of Japanese candy.


I found Kimmie Candy Chocorocks while stocking the candy shelves at my retail job and fell in love with this chocolate. When I finish what I ordered I will be getting more.

Choco Almonds 5lb

Great candy, really fills the candy dish. Really fast shipping also.

YES !!!!

Strong peach flavor! I get a bag with every order I place or else I go crazy :)