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Good taste, will get again.

Torie &Howard Organic Sour Chewy Fruities

These are the best! Just like Starburst, only better flavor, and no artificial colors!!

Can't keep enough of them!!!

I just love this candy. Taste is superb. I can't keep enough. My candy dishes are always being raided whenever they see it, it's. On! I'm so glad I found the online store.Thank you Aunti K.


Ate these as a kid. Simplicity at it's best.

All gone

My daughter raided my stash. Needless to say, i think she likes them.


Im obsessed with these candies. Had 3 bags....they're gone.

Candy I can't live without

This candy was delicious, I need more

A taste of Summer

The first time I had the Musk Melon hard candy was in Epcot and of course nit was in the country of Japan. That was 15 years ago. I bought 3 bags and when they were gone all I could do is wish that I could find them again. I did, and I'm so happy that I can buy them here and not have to fly all that way.

good collection of candy's for treat

Ginger candy is refreshing!

New Favorite

After trying this candy in Seattle for the first time, it instantly became my new favorite! Found it on Aunty K Candy’s website and ordered 28 packs to share my new findings!
Excellent customer service provided; will surely place another order!

Dandy's Coconut Ginger Hard Candy!

This hard candy is simply FABULOUS! I'm addicted and so are all of my friends! Just do better with the shipping cost!

Love these combo flavors that you can't find anywhere in Texas

Auntie K carries some hard to find goodies that you can't buy from any local Asian food mart.
Try the ginger chew candies...they are good, too!

Delicious Coconut

Out of this world delicious coconut candy,.... loving these once a day!

Delicious Candy

I was instantly in love with this salty and lemony candies... The price was a bargain here but the shipping can be lowered.

Perfect little treat

I love the flavor of the blend of coconut and ginger

Hi chew Candy & fizzy candy

Arrived quickly and items were fresh and not smashed.


These candies are amazing!! And shipping was fast!!

Tastes as good as they smell!

I got these as a little gift for the hubs and as a struggling college student who needs to cut down on coffee... these satisfy his caffeine cravings! 10/10 would recommend!

Birthday Gift

One of my employees listed this as her favorite candy! So it made for a perfect birthday gift.

My first order

Super fast delivery. Will order again. Thanks.

Happy with my purchase!

No regrets when I purchased this online. I was surprised! The fruit balls are mouth watering treat! Delicious. Im so happy I found this website.


The candy is delicious I give it a five star rating

Milkita Banana candy

They are so good! My wife just loves her birthday gift! And we’ll be buying more

I didn’t get what I thought I was supposed to.

I only got 6 packs of banana & I thought it was supposed to be 10 packs & I wanted green apple also with banana but that’s not what I got so it was confusing but other than that It was ok