United Coffee Hard Candy From Thailand


United Coffee Hard Candy from Thailand.  All pieces individually wrapped. Compare to Kopiko, this is one of the best.

There is general confusion on the internet on this product, but I have the answer here. There are 2 known USA versions of this product with the same formulation and ingredients.  One is 50 pieces per package, with a total net weight of 125 g (4.41 oz) .  Each piece is about 2.5 gram, so you get more but its smaller.  The other version imported by JFC international is a 4 gram piece, and theres 35 of them for a total net weight of 140 gram (4.94 oz).  I can't say there is a tremendous difference between these two packages in terms of taste, but tablet by tablet comparison one is definitely bigger than the other.  The 50 piece package has also undergone a few packaging updates in the past 3 years, so I will keep the images here for your reference.  When you make a selection the most current packaging will display for that unit.  



Customer Reviews

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Terri O. (Bloomington, IL)
Coffee Candy

Arrived quickly and candy was very fresh with a long expiration date. Great coffee

Barry C. (Newark, NJ)
Probably my favorite

I actually ordered four different packages of coffee candy thinking I was going to pick a winner but I basically like all of them about equal. That said I think these edged out the others in flavor for me,

James B.S. (Ward, CO)

United Coffee Hard Candy From Thailand